6-month intensive programs for any level.
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Vocal technique is not everything. In fact, that's just the beginning of the path for those who want to become complete singers. To be a valuable asset in the music world, you will need to understand and speak the same language as the other musicians.

Whether you're willing to make your profession out of singing, or just interested in developing your musicianship, this is the study plan for you.

Duration and Scheduling

Total hours: 60 (from January to June)


 Theory: 2 lessons per week (1 hour each)

 Practice: 1 lesson per month (2 hours each)


Theory lessons are online, held in a group from 5 up to 9 people.

Practice lessons are in-person and one-to-one, held at my sound-proof studio in Hammarby Höjden.

Different classes will be organized according to the level of partecipants, from absolute beginners on.

This scheduling is optimized to meet the needs of people who wouldn't have the time to attend daily lessons. 

Nevertheless, in order to really take advantage of this course, some work at home will be required. The topics covered during the lessons need in fact to be studied, practiced and sink in. 


Theory Lessons (8 hours/month):

Vocal technique:

  - Posture, Diaphragmatic breathing, Sound "in position", Chest and Head Voice, Mixed voice, Resonance. Most famous vocal techniques and excercises.


Aural Skills (ear training):

   - Identifying and singing: Musical scales, Intervals, Triads (chords), rhythms.



Identifying caracteristics and peculiarities of the main musical styles.

Practice Lessons (2 hours/month):

- Experience and application of vocal techniques, recognition and singing of the musical components studied in theory lessons, song performance and interpretation.

Cost and payments

1900 Kr/month per student  (VAT included).

A monthly invoice will be sent at least 15 days in advance, referring to the upcome monthly lessons.

Invoice can be payed either  by Bank Transfer, Swish or Paypal.

In case of absence, each student will be entitled to a maximum of 2 hours theory and 2 hours practice lessons as a make-up, included in the fee.

Feel free to contact me for any further information, I'm looking forward to knowing more about you!

Here you can download the leaflet of this course