You know for sure this is an individual thing. BUT I can tell you this: whatever class you're attending, RUN AWAY if you have not seen ANY improvements for months.


Whether you're more or less talented, on the premise that you're practicing at home as required, it's not your fault if you don't find any benefit out of your lessons. Think about this: what happens when a football team don't perform well (relating to their category, of course)? First, their coach get dismissed.

This has got nothing to do with the professionality of the coach. I´m not saying the coach is not good. But what I'm suggesting here is that the pair team-coach could be not a good fit.

If you're in this situation, the best choice is to run away, before losing your enthusiasm or your self-confidence. Just give yourself another chance and consider to try a different approach.


A few lessons will be enough to find the first benefits, but you’ll need to practice, just like you would do in learning any other instrument.

Please believe that shortcuts and magic words don’t exist, but effective methods do. Just believe in yourself and take the time for your passion!