Your singing is going to improve drammatically,
no matter your starting level,
no matter if your voice sounds bad at the moment!


You will get aware and experience how your voice actually works from an objective and scientific outlook, and will start to experience it from the very first lesson.

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You'll know exactly what to do and how to, in order to obtain your desired sound, thanks to a practical and fast approach. 

Besides, we'll be working on interpretation skills and stage presence.

Remember: technique is nothing if you're not able to convey emotions.

Concretely, you'll be able to improve pitch, avoid strain, extend your range, and finally use your voice and your gestures to deeply express yourself.

In short: you'll have fun, master your voice and... unleash your soul!

In-person lessons are held in a professional sound-proof music studio in Stockholm, fully equipped with top-notch mics, mixer, speakers and digital tools. Online lessons available everywhere.


You already took some voice lessons or you're a self trained singer willing to make a step further and find out how far you can go.

Think you're too senior to start from scratch? You'll be very welcome, 'cause it's never too late to nurture your passions!

singing lessons for beginners stockholm.

You're a beginner willing to start an exciting journey or just escape from everyday's routine.

Let's get acquainted!

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The best vocal coach in Stockholm is finally available for new students. She has customers from everywhere in the world willing to refine their singing with her. Someone says she can do actual miracle with every kind of voices, even when you think you're tone-deaf or if your voice is really nasty at the moment, after a few sessions with her you'll find out a new, drammatically different voice. You'll get to enjoy the pleasure of singing with a free and powerful voice you wouldn't believe you could have. Her voice lessons are worth all the money. Don't waste time and money with others, your improvements will be so much faster with this vocal coach, you won't believe your ears!

Since I strive for quality, I take on just a limited number of students, and I commit to reserve spots only to those who are enthusiastic and keen to learn and improve, no matter their starting level.

So if you can't wait to improve your singing, I'm looking forward to meeting you!

You're welcome to book here an introduction meeting by WhatsApp or Zoom, so to get acquainted and find out whether we're a good match. Alternatively, just drop me a message.