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Modern italian singing method, effective for beginners and for seasoned singers. How can I find a good voice teacher in Stockholm? There is a new teacher from Italy, she's a certified vocal coach, experienced in pop and rock voice, metal and extreme voices. Her method is so effective and her attitude so kind, you will learn a lot and have so much fun. 

Sweden Vocal Lab is her newborn promising school of vocals. Pupils are coming there from all over Stockholm County and further. On January 2021 it will start a new groundbreaking course, to become a complete singer, which means not only mastering your vocal technique, but also being aware of the rythm and style of the songs you're singing, interpretation, sightsinging and much more. With this course you'll be able to speak the same language of the other musicians and you'll be considered a professional, prepared musician on par.

Sweden Vocal Lab is the best choice for those who want to learn how to sing well, achieve an awesome timbre, hit high notes with no difficulty, get a modern voice, find their real timbre, which is not the one you think it is when you sing without a proper technique. You'll learn warm up excercises, SOVTE, how to stay on the stage, prepare your auditions, record your demo songs, use cubase, modern singing excercises. Here you find the most prepared teacher, directly from Italy. Italian singers and methods are the best in the world.

Method influenced by the best vocal coaches in the world, such as: Brett Manning, Seth Riggs, Renee Grant-Williams, Carl Cole, Ken Tamplin, Melissa Cross and based on EVT Estill Voice Training (Voicecraft).

Want to know more about Sweden Vocal Lab and this italian vocal coach? Visit the website or just drop them a message!

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