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I'm a professional vocal coach and session singer from Italy, experienced in teaching modern singing, at any level.

Music has always been an important part of my life: I attended at piano lessons between 8 and 12, then studied singing for 9 years (opera for 2 years and modern for 7). Later on, I attended comprehensive and thorough vocational trainings for voice teachers, mostly EVT-based, where I delved extensively topics like vocal tract and respiratory system, anatomy, posture, physics of acoustics, voice health, group classes management, hystory of modern music, rythm, ear training, sightsinging, interpretation.


I get my best achievements with beginners, especially with the ones who believe they are tone-deaf: usually they improve faster then everyone else and it's so gratifying to see how they get amazed when they realize they actually can sing!

I enjoy teaching group classes as well: we sing along, learn, improve and have a lot of fun! 

Whilst it's not true that all good singers can authomatically teach, it's certainly sure that - in order to teach voice - you must show that your method is effective at least for your own voice. So, don't take my word for that, just listen and judge by yourself. Like Ken Tamplin always says: THE PROOF IS IN THE SINGING!


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