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I was born and raised in Italy, moved to Stockholm only in 2018, when I was 42.

Music has always been an important part of my life: I attended at piano lessons between 8 and 12, then studied singing for 9 years (opera for 2 years and modern for 7).

In the meantime, I took part in several projects as a leading vocalist, mainly with rock and metal bands, and I start to be required as a singing teacher.

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Over the years, my yearning for "on-stage adrenaline" left more and more room to the pleasure of teaching and to the fulfillment of seeing students' improvements, even the most "taugh cases". I therefore decided to attend at comprehensive and thorough vocational trainings for voice teachers and several other pedagogy classes, held by popular  Vocal Coaches from Italy, UK and Argentina. Among the studied topics: vocal anatomy and technique, ear training, rythm, solfeggio, music styles, performance, vocal hygiene, hystory of contemporary music.

Attended classes in singing and voice pedagogy (schools and private teachers)

VMS by Loretta Martinez, Estill EVT Vocal Training liv. 1&2, Francesco Mecorio, Loredana Arcuri, Rock school of voices, London College of Music, Centro Internacional de la Voz Laura Neira (vocal rehab, dysphonia functional evaluation and treatment).

My Method

As a result of a costant evolution in the study of phonation, it is essential to keep up to date on new, cutting-edge vocal techniques, but this doesn't mean throwing away golden knowledge inherited from the great teachers of the past.

That's why my method incorporates techniques from classic methods such as Bel Canto, blended with EVT Estill Voice Training, Brett Manning's Singing Success method, and everything best works to make quick but healthy progress.  

Whereas it's not true that all good singers can authomatically teach, it's certainly true that a voice teacher must be able to show that their method is effective at least for their own voice. So, don't take my word for that, just listen and judge by yourself. Like Ken Tamplin always says: THE PROOF IS IN THE SINGING!


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