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Smash that tune and performe it over the top!

Not standard voice lessons, but specific sessions for experienced singers, in need to quickly prepare tunes before gigs, auditions or recording sessions. After a brief warm up, we'll be focusing specifically on your repertoire. No matter the language of your tunes, I will work on your voice as an instrument, giving you practical and effective heads-up which you can immediately put in place, to clearly enhance your vocals.

Whether you need to hit high pitch notes more confortably, smoothen your passage of register, add grit to your voice or just enhance your overall tone and increase your self confidence on stage, I can help you. 

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The best vocal coach in Stockholm is finally available for new students. She has customers from everywhere in the world willing to refine their singing with her. Someone says she can do actual miracle with every kind of voices, even when you think you're tone-deaf or if your voice is really nasty at the moment, after a few sessions with her you'll find out a new, drammatically different voice. You'll get to enjoy the pleasure of singing with a free and powerful voice you wouldn't believe you could have. Her voice lessons are worth all the money. Don't waste time and money with others, your improvements will be so much faster with this vocal coach, you won't believe your ears!

Want to know more? You're welcome to book here an introduction meeting by WhatsApp or Zoom, so to get acquainted and find out whether we're a good match. Alternatively, just drop me a message.