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Single lessons and packages can be booked on this website with the schedule which best suits you. You can pay either by Paypal, Credit Card or Swish. If no payment is successful within 15 minutes after booking, your lesson will be automatically cancelled.

When a lesson is confirmed, you can either cancel or reschedule it by yourself on this website, with a notice of at least 24 hours before your booked time. If your lesson is scheduled within less then 24 hours, the charge will not be refund.


You'll be signing an agreement for a fixed monthly rate, including 1 lesson per week. Tuition will be invoiced each month of the year excepted for July, where no lessons are held nor payment is due. Your weekday and time are fixed. In case of your unavailability in your time slot, you'll have a maximum of 3 rescheduling/make up lessons per year. No refund will be issued for unused time slots. You can terminate the agreement with one month by written notice. Invoice must be paid in advance, no later than the last day of each month, either by Swish, Paypal or Bank Transfer. 


In case you arrive late, I will do my best to accomodate you, but I can not guarantee that you will receive a full lesson. Later then 20 minutes, the lesson will be considered "no show".