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Truly effective voice classess based on the most advanced and up-to-date methods.

Lessons are held in a professional sound-proof music studio, fully equipped with top-notch mics, mixer, speakers and digital tools.

First, you will get aware and experience how your voice works from a scientifical point of view. Whatever sound we produce has an anatomical description. By learning how to use the structures involved in the emission of the sound, you'll be able to improve pitch, avoid strain, extend your range, smoothen and improve your overall tone, and much more. During our lessons, you'll get out from your vocal confort zone and find out how much you can do more. Besides, you'll learn to use mics and monitors, which is a crucial part in contemporary singing. You'll get to use your voice anche your gestures to express your feelings, convey your message, and express your inner soul. In short: master your voice, find out your own style and... have fun!



Beginners willing to find out if singing is for them, children and adults up to any age. In fact, seniors are also very welcome: it's never too late to nurture your passions!
Experienced singers willing to make a step further and find out how far they can go.

As places are limited, I like to rest assured that I'm giving lessons only to really motivated students and that I'm the right fit for them.

That's why I will be glad to have a talk with you, without obligation, before we arrange your very first lesson.

Swish, Paypal and Credit Card accepted.