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Why should you choose me among hundreds of voice teachers?

Because there was a time when I used to struggle daily with my voice, like maybe you're doing right now.

I was animated by a deep passion, but I couldn't get through my limited vocal range. Not only were high notes unreachable for me, but even the medium register was a problem.

Deep in my heart I knew I could do much more, but everytime I tried, I just ended up into grating yells. I felt like my real voice was there, just hidden somewhere.

Does this ring a bell?

Well, yes, I faced all those issues and I know how it feels, but I overcame them and now I´m finally free from those technical limits that prevented me from enjoying the pleasure of singing.

Now, it's not by chance that I finally got to master my voice. On contrary, I experienced on my skin several methods and now I know what  effectively works and what does not.


But in singing - though there are basic concepts that apply to everyone -  there are also many important differences among the various vocal typologies, so that a certain pattern can be useful for someone but pointless for someone else.

That's why, after voice classes, where I learnt about my own voice, I attended at voice pedagogy classes, where I learnt characteristics, peculiarities and issues of each and every voice type, so I can offer lessons developed on YOUR characteristics, on YOUR voice, on YOUR way of learning and on YOUR mode of expression.

Expressing yourself is a key concept here, because singing is not only technique. In fact, it's only a means to access to all the shades and colors of your voice, so you can use it to communicate and express yourself in a fulfilling way.

Remember, if you cannot sing right now, this doesn't mean you'll never be able to. This only means you need to learn how to do it, just like any other musical instrument.